2020 grad rates

The class of 2020 faced uncertainties and stress from COVID-19, but they continue to be a record setting class for Umatilla High School. Not only did 68% of 2020 graduates earn 3 college credits or more, but 12.4% of them graduated with their AAOT from Blue Mountain Community College and their high school diploma through UHS concurrently. Every senior who started with us in the fall graduated last year and we are proud of their success. The Oregon Department of Education calculates graduation rate from Freshman year on and tracks every student who enrolls or leaves. That formula shows Umatilla High School graduated 93.7% of its students in 4 years, 10.44% above Oregon's state average of 82.63%.

The staff at all levels worked incredibly hard to help students graduate. From early literacy efforts and language development at McNary, foundational support at Clara Brownell Middle School and clear pathways at Umatilla High, students benefit from a mix of high expectations and supportive adults who believe they can meet the expectations and soar. UHS once again outperformed the State of Oregon averages in every measurable student group. Principal Lorence and his team are relentless in following through with students and making sure that no one has the opportunity to fail without notice. Struggling students are provided additional support and check-ins until they improve. This culture of care is prevalent in the school and it's exciting to see students who know they are loved and supported throughout their day thrive and respond to the extra additional attention. 

As we continue to work through the challenges of education in the pandemic, the class of 2020 brings us a reminder of the resilience of students, and the power of a team of caring and dedicated adults.