Mask for COVID

We had no staff or student cases the week ending 11/26. 

There were some changes from the Oregon Health Authority this week that we're excited to report:

  • Masks are no longer required outdoors. 
  • We now have a "test to stay" option for students who've been exposed at school. Here are some key components of this change:
    • Test to stay is available only for unvaccinated asymptomatic individuals who were exposed in indoor and outdoor school settings where universal masking is fully in place. Indoor and outdoor exposures are reviewed for proximity and duration of exposure. Vaccinated staff and students do not need to quarantine. 
    • Test to stay requires unvaccinated individuals to be tested twice during the 7 days following exposure. First, as soon as the exposure has been identified, with a second test occurring between days 5-7 following the exposure.
    • Test to stay is a form of modified quarantine, which allows individuals to attend school during their 7-day quarantine period. 
    • Students and staff participating in test to stay may participate in school-related extracurricular activities during their 7-day quarantine period but must wear a face covering at all times during these activities.

We have had few student exposures at school; however, those that we have had have had great impact on students. We are excited to have this option for families who choose to use it so students may remain in school.