Dear Umatilla Families,

Student and staff safety is of utmost priority to all of us. Today, across Oregon, "Swatting" attacks occurred. These attacks are fake 911 calls that cause panic and tie up valuable safety resources in a community. 

Umatilla did NOT experience one of these attacks; however, Umatilla Police Department was in touch with the District and helped us monitor throughout the events in other locations. We also regularly review our policies and procedures together and will continue to do so. 

We continue to take safety seriously and will remain vigilant in protecting students and staff. Here is information about these horrific false reports to help inform you of this disturbing act. Please note, this article is from 2013. This trend is not new, but it remains a concern. 

As always, if you see any cause for alarm or concern, please report any concerns immediately. If you need anonymous reporting, please use the Safe Oregon resources. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety in our schools, please connect with me via email at sipeh@umatillasd.org.


Heidi A. Sipe, EdS