LIPI Update

Thank you to all who registered students for Limited In Person Instruction (LIPI). As you know, we were prepared to welcome students to school for LIPI December 1st. Unfortunately, the numbers in our County have risen to levels that prevent our start. 

To begin LIPI, Umatilla County needs to have less than 200 cases/100,000 people over a period of 14 days. To prevent opening and then closing, our Board is requiring that we meet this metric for two consecutive weeks. To help families monitor the status of LIPI, we've created a metric dashboard. As you can see from the metric dashboard, Umatilla County is currently at 486.7 cases/100,000 so we must reduce the numbers in Umatilla County to welcome students back in school. 

We are heartbroken by this change of plans. Our staff developed LIPI plans with great hope for students and we remain ready and willing to start LIPI as soon as we are cleared to do so. We were able to place all of the registered students and will welcome all who registered as soon as possible. Until LIPI can start, we will continue with the Comprehensive Distance Learning currently in place. 

This guide (English and Spanish) provides updates regarding distance learning, meals, staff, schools, and the metric dashboard. I hope you find it helpful as we all learn to navigate the turns and switches that continue to change our plans during COVID-19.

Thank you for your partnership and support as we work together to serve students. I appreciate our families and community and know you are doing all you can to help students succeed. Our staff remains committed to student success as well and we are happy to help and open to input for improvements. Please email with questions and feel free to email me at if you see areas you believe we need to reconsider for students.

Together, we will continue to be #umatillastrong and united in working together for students.

Thank you,

Heidi Sipe, Superintendent