Dear Umatilla Families,

We are excited to move ahead with our Hybrid plans. The following documents provide some key information to help you prepare for your child's transition to Hybrid school as well as assistance in keeping your child in online school if you prefer. We know that choosing on-site or online learning is a difficult choice and fully support you in selecting whichever model is best for your child and your family. We are committed to providing the best experience possible in either option. 

Please review the following documents. We will send an additional letter with A/B and cohort assignments the week before your child's grade begins Hybrid.

Video Summary: English Español

Overview Letter (also mailed home): English  Español

K-5 Hybrid Plan English Español

6-12 Hybrid Plan English  Español

Bus Request Survey

As always, plans are subject to change as COVID numbers change; however, the Umatilla zip code has showed a continued decline in cases and we are hopeful that we will continue this trend and be allowed to implement our Hybrid plans on the scheduled transition dates. We have staggered the addition of student groups so we may monitor student and staff health to provide safe transitions as we grow. We continue to work regularly with Umatilla County Health throughout the process and are committed to doing all we can to keep students in school and safely learning but do recognize that some quarantining breaks may be necessary.  We will notify individual families if, and when, such quarantines occur. 

Thank you for your continued support for Umatilla students.

Heidi Sipe, EdS