Mask for COVID

Unfortunately, COVID-19 returned to school along with students and staff this week. The COVID-19 tracker is updated and may be found here. We had eight staff cases and seven student cases this week. This is the highest number of cases we've had this school year. Fortunately, none of the staff exposures resulted in student exposures as staff tested upon arriving and did not have contact with students before leaving school. The snow days were very helpful in this as that spacing allowed some staff to test nearly immediately after starting symptoms as the District Office provided testing for staff on the snow days. 

We do have a number of students/staff on quarantine due to an exposure during girls basketball at the high school that has resulted in a number of positive staff and student cases. 

We are appreciate of the continued communication from parents and staff. People have been wonderful about alerting us when they are symptomatic so we can test (with permission) and following quarantine guidelines. This has really helped us keep the spread in schools to a minimum. Please continue to be vigilant. 

We are happy to continue on with school and activities at this time and will do so as long as our mitigation measures continue to be successful. We are very fortunate to have such strong partners, our numbers continue to be much lower than many places and we credit the responsibility of students, parents and staff for this success. Your continued help is appreciated.