2021 grad info


The class of 2021 faced a senior year with three “first days” of school. Students began online in the fall, transitioned into hybrid in January and were finally able to return to in-person school in the spring. This challenging senior year followed a disrupted junior year that led to the start of their distance learning in March. Despite these challenges, the class of 2021 achieved many successes, and the five-year graduation rate reflects continued success for the class of 2020 as well. 

While some schools opted to lower grading standards and grade scales to help students graduate, Umatilla High School Principal Bob Lorence and his staff instead decided to maintain high expectations for students. They matched these expectations for students with strong supports for students and provided after-school tutoring and summer school opportunities to ensure students crossed the finish line successfully. Four year graduation data released by the Oregon Department of Education shows Umatilla High School exceeding in most student categories. Umatilla High exceeded in every single student category for five-year graduation data (graphic below). 

In addition to high school graduation success, the class of 2021 continued with college success as well. Four students completed their full AAOT degrees from Blue Mountain Community College and earned their high school diplomas concurrently. The class of 2021 collectively earned 1,513 college credits. 

District Superintendent Heidi Sipe said that High School graduation reflects the work of students, families and staff throughout school building and academic levels. Early literacy efforts and language development at McNary, foundational support at Clara Brownell Middle School and clear pathways at Umatilla High all lead to high school achievement and post-secondary success.

"The “two week pause” for COVID in spring of 2020 has had a profound impact on learning for students, but the success of the class of 2021 reminds us all that perseverance, high expectations, and a network of caring and dedicated adults supporting students can lead to continued success, even during times of great stress." said Sipe.