Mrs. Millards  Forensics Class

Clara Brownell Middle School Forensics Class



Students Explore Blood Types


Students in Jessica Millard’s Forensics Class at Clara Brownell Middle School literally shed blood for their learning on Tuesday, February 8th. They pricked their fingers to find out their own blood types.


Millard asked students if they wanted to use the lancet to prick their own fingers or have her do it for them. Most of them asked their teacher to do it. After placing drops of blood on a piece of paper, they added antigens to the droplets and watched for clotting, determining which blood type they have. Addie, an 8th grader, said, learning about blood typing has been interesting, especially since it’s a crucial element in forensics to eliminate suspects.


After studying blood typing for the last month, students said they had learned quite a bit about the subject. Eighth-grader Alberto said he didn’t know how many blood types there were before the lessons and has learned that blood can be used in healthcare in many different ways. “We also learned about blood typing in solving crimes. It’s really fun to learn about forensic science,” Alberto said.