Alans Rubix Cube Class

Meet Alan, a fifth grader at McNary Heights Elementary School with a part time job. 

Instead of attending a class at the after-school program, Alan teaches one. Alan decided to volunteer at the after-school program because he wanted to show his peers how to solve a rubix cube. Alan learned by watching YouTube videos and thought this would be a fun activity to share with his peers. Alan knew, however, that a YouTube video isn’t always the easiest way to learn. He wanted to give in-person instruction so his peers were able to ask questions and he was able to work with them one-on-one. 

Alan took the initiative to email the STEAM Academy director, Stephanie Williams, and ask if he could volunteer his time at the after-school program. After getting his class approved and finding an adult to supervise his class with him, he worked on creating a schedule. In his schedule he included times when the students are able to watch YouTube videos on rubix cubes, ask him questions, and have a recess. On Fridays he plans a fun day where he plays movies and sets out board games for his students. One of his students said, “this is the best class I’ve joined so far.” Alan likes to create schedules with his students input to ensure they are staying engaged and having fun. 

When asked what Alan enjoys most about teaching, Alan said he likes connecting with his classmates and helping them discover something new. He not only wanted to share this activity with others, but he wanted to challenge them at solving rubix cubes, and wanted them to challenge themselves. He says, “they are really growing and I am proud of them.”