UHS Students Enjoy a Night at the Gala

Anybody who has tried to plan a big event in the past two years knows the stress of wondering “will we really be able to have this?” That’s what a group of ASB students at Umatilla High School faced as they started to plan the 2022 Prom. Neida Espain, senior, said although the group of about 10 students was excited to organize Prom, it was stressful. “We were told you may not be able to have a prom. But when they told us it was a go, it was a huge relief,” Espain said. 

The Prom happened on Saturday, May 21st in the UHS Commons with the theme of Met Gala. When students entered the transformed space that evening, they were greeted with large, colorful pieces of art. The room was decorated with sheer curtains, a chandelier above the dance floor and lighted “2022” numbers. UHS Teacher Clint Hill volunteered to be the DJ. Prom-goers enjoyed charcuterie boards made by students in the Family Consumer Science class. Royalty was also crowned at the event. Espain said Vice Principal April Dirksen was a big help to the planners, especially with the supplies and decorations. 

The event had a great turnout, about 200 students attended. Espain said the planning group had really promoted it and were happy with the participation. She said on Monday, many students were talking about how they enjoyed Prom. As for the planners, Espain said, “It turned out better than we pictured. It was like a fairytale. It was super fun and a great place to make memories."