8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Students Celebrate a Milestone

About 80 students in 8th Grade at Clara Brownell Middle School walked across a stage in the gym on the evening of Tuesday, June 7th, for the annual 8th Grade Promotion. The event marked  both an ending and a beginning -- the end of their middle school career and the start of their high school one.

On the afternoon of June 7th, the 8th graders were gathered in the gym, rehearsing how to correctly march in and find their seats. After some direction and several run-throughs, they seemed ready. 

During a conversation with a few of the students, here is what they had to say:

How are you feeling about the 8th Grade Promotion tonight?

“I’m pretty proud of myself because I was able to accomplish getting my grades up in time to participate in the promotion, and I’m pretty proud of everyone in my class,” said Alexander. 

“I am excited to walk tonight in the ceremony and say I graduated from 8th grade,” said Genesis.

What did you enjoy about your time in middle school? What will you miss?

Most said they enjoyed their friends. 

They said they have had good teachers, whom they will miss and who pushed them to get here  to the promotional ceremony. 

“Middle school was fun for sure, I’m gonna miss it,” Genesis said. 

What are they excited about as they move to high school?

Alexander said, “I want to see how I can do academically, if I am good at math or other subjects. I am also excited to get involved in sports, clubs and activities after school.”

Genesis said, “I’m excited to meet new people and new teachers in a new environment and take new subjects.”

Allison said she is excited to get involved in activities she has never done and to have new experiences. 

Honestly, the one thing most of this small group of 8th grade students is happy about is being able to leave the UHS campus for lunch.

CBMS Principal Rick Cotterell said the 8th Grade ceremony was the first one to be held in three years due to the pandemic. The event included academic awards, Presidential Awards, and then each student walked across the stage to receive their certificate and finally, shake hands with the principal and Dean of Students Ryan Humphrey.

“Every one of the kids here tonight has earned the right to be here, and that is exciting. My message to them is to continue to work hard and accomplish new things as they advance to UHS,” Principal Cotterell said. 

 After the ceremony, the students will gather in the cafeteria for a dance with a “Las Vegas” theme complete with a DJ, pizza and cake.