MHES End of Year Festivities

The last week of School was Filled with Fun Activities for McNary Heights

McNary Heights Elementary School celebrated the last week of school with lots of fun activities for the students. 

Behavior Parties

Monday, June 6, 2022, MHES recognized students with good behavior with Behavior Parties. The day was split in half with the K-2th grade’s party in the morning and the 3rd-5th grade’s party in the afternoon. The students were able to eat snow cones, jump in bouncy houses, and slide down water slides. Students had a blast saying, “why can’t this day be like every day.” 

The Umatilla School district would like to give a big thank you to Vice Principal, Larry Glaze, Maintenance Director, Vinny Stefani, and MHES Staff for putting this event together for students to enjoy. 

To view photos of the behavior parties, please visit the link below. 

MHES Talent Show 

Yesterday, June 9th, 2022, the last day of school, students showed their talent at the MHES Talent Show. There were a total of 27 acts consisting of solo performances and group performances. The acts ranged from dancing, singing, and musical instrument playing, to joke-telling. The talent show was open to all grade levels at McNary Heights and is one of the only events where all students are gathered together in the same location. Over 600 students sat outside to watch their peers perform. 

To view photos of the talent show, please visit the link below. 

5th Grade Goodbye Walk

McNary Heights said goodbye to their 5th graders with an all-school Goodbye Walk. Students grades K-4th lined up outside at the end of the school day and wished the 5th graders luck as they continue their education at Clara Brownell next year as Vikings. 

To view photos of the Goodbye Walk, please visit the link below.