First week of Summer School

Students Have Lots of Fun Learning During the Summer 

The Umatilla School District’s first week of summer school was a success! Over 400 students pre-K through 12th are enrolled in a variety of classes. A few of the classes offered are music/movement, band, art, sports, Jr. FLL, robotics, and storybook. Students spend half the day in traditional school and the second half of the day they attend STEAM Summer Camp where they get to learn more hands-on. Students this week got to enjoy painting, roller coasting building, paper construction, and many more fun activities. 

Students in Mr. Coe’s class are making solar ovens. The materials they are able to use are black cardstock, cotton swabs, tape, tinfoil, and plastic wrap. They began by making a design and then they started building their prototypes. Next week they will finalize their ovens and will start testing and cooking. 

In Mr. Karan’s class students are learning about drones. After watching videos on drones and learning the basics of how to fly, students took turns flying one. They had a challenge to see who could best land the drone in a marked-out section on the floor. Several of the students came very close to completing the challenge, but no one has successfully completed it yet. 

In Jr. FLL (FIRST Lego League) taught by Miss. Ally and Mr. Miles, students built lego cars. After designing and building their lego cars students competed in a race where they tested whose lego car could travel the farthest. After students raced each other they were able to modify their design if needed. 

Many of the students are enjoying their time at summer school, they say, “it's really really cool,” and “I'm having lots of fun.” More exciting activities are coming for students this summer!

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