Mr. Karan's Drone Class

Students Build Carriers for Egg-Dropping Competition  

Students participated in lots of fun, hands-on, learning activities at Summer School/STEAM Camp this year. One such activity occurred in Mr. Karan’s Drone class. Students in grades 7th and 8th participated in an egg-dropping competition. In this competition students designed and built a carrier that safely protected an egg that was dropped from the roof of the elementary school. This competition was used to simulate a drone dropping medicine, with the egg acting as the glass vial holding the medicine. Students used biodegradable materials such as paper plates, string, cardboard, paper bags, and tape to build their carriers. Students had two days to build their egg carrier. Out of the total ten groups that participated, five were successfully able to land their carrier without the egg cracking. Mr. Karan said to his students, “Considering this was your first time, you all did an awesome job. Keep up the good work.”