Brownfield Project

UHS Students Learn About a Brownfield Site and More About Umatilla

Students last week from Umatilla High School worked on an exciting project done with EOU. In this project, students learned what a brownfield site is, which is when previously developed land is no longer in use and could be potentially contaminated. They also learned more about the history of Umatilla by starting the week off with a visit to the Umatilla City Museum. In addition to learning about the history of Umatilla, they learned about the native tribe from Umatilla. On Tuesday, they performed a water quality test by collecting water samples from the Umatilla River. After assessing the water quality, they designed water filters. On Wednesday, they visited a brownfield site located just outside of Umatilla heading towards Irrigon. They learned how the building was contaminated and spoke with city officials about the plans they had for the building. They also learned about what plans they had for Umatilla in general. All this information prepared them for the final project they had to complete to receive credits for the class.