46 building

Couldn't join the Q&A Zoom or in-person meeting? No problem! Here's the recording. Thank you to all who shared questions ahead of time for us so we could provide answers. If you have additional questions, please share them here.  The video is just over thirty minutes long if you'd like to watch it all, or you can watch at your question area by following the links below to have your specific questions answered:

Why isn't Amazon paying for the proposed bond? Watch at the 0:40 mark.  

Myth Buster- Do you think Amazon doesn't pay General Obligation bonds in Umatilla? Watch at the 4:40 mark.

Why does the District advertise $1.19/1,000 of assessed value if the rate is expected to drop with the new Amazon facilities? Watch at 9:52 mark.

How has enrollment changed? Watch at the 12:58 mark.

How will the District handle growth beyond the proposed buildings? Watch at the 16:30 mark.

Why can't the District just write a grant to build a new school? Watch at the 17:54 mark.

Are bonds at a fixed interest rate? Watch at the 19:40 mark.

Why can't the District build a new school with their existing budget? Watch at the 23:29 mark.

Why a new 4-6 building instead of another K-5? Watch at the 25:33 mark.

How will busing be handled? Watch at the 29:49 mark.

If the bond is proposed, why the school already breaking ground? Watch at the 32:04 mark.

How will the cemetary be protected? Watch at the 34:36 mark.

Final thoughts from City Manager Stockdale, Board Chair Lorence and Superintendent Sipe at the 36:52 mark.

The next meeting will be October 10th at 6:00 pm at the District Office and on Zoom