UHS Be the I in Kind Campaign

Leadership students at Umatilla High School are encouraging their fellow classmates to actively think about kindness with a recent campaign at the school. Put the “I” in KIND is currently going on at UHS, with a colorful display in the foyer of the school.

Students (or groups of students) can visit the display and pose themselves in the shape of the “I”, have someone take their photo and submit it to UHS Leadership. The photos are being posted on UHS social media, and participating students are entered into a raffle that will occur every Friday for a month. Raffle prizes are stickers produced by Viking Productions that students can use on their Hydroflasks or other water bottles.

The fun, colorful display was created by members of each grade level. “I love how each grade used their creativity to make the display colorful and fun, and I like how it turned out” said Lily, UHS Senior and Leadership member.

Senior and Leadership member Quinn said he thinks it’s neat to put yourself into the display and to intentionally think about the effort of being kind, which he hopes will catch on among students. 

More than 100 students have already participated in the campaign. “I like how students can casually interact with each other to get involved,” said Dario, Senior.

Senior Kaidan said he has liked the whimsical, elementary-type feel of the KIND letters and that it reminds him of being back in elementary school and learning about manners. “It made me think about learning kindness all the way back then, because many of us have known each other for 13 years.” Kaidan hopes the campaign reminds students to think about themselves, as well. “Paying it forward and spreading kindness in the community is great, but we all could use a reminder to be kind to yourself.”