Mr. Coyle Finance Class 8th Period

Clara Brownell Middle School students from Ian Coyle's finance classes competed in the investment competition, The Stock Market Game, and placed second overall in the Oregon fall middle school division! Way to go, Vikings!  

The Stock Market Game, a program by the SIFMA Foundation, is an online simulation that "engages students grades 4-12 in the world of economics, investing and personal finance," according to the organization's website ( In this two-month project, students managed a portfolio, researched companies, and chose companies to invest in. 

While this was an online simulation, the game gave students real-world experience by following the real stock market. Students worked in teams of four to five, with each member playing a specific role in the investment process. Teams started with $100,000 to invest in the companies of their choice. Their goal was to minimize their losses and get an overall gain or profit. 

Not only did CBMS place second overall, but individual teams also did exceptionally well, with two teams placing top 20 out of the total 300-plus teams that participated. Mr. Coyle said, "they did great this year and were really engaged in learning about investing." 

Students were excited about doing well in the competition and said they had lots of fun. Nya, a CBMS 8th grader, said she felt like a real adult and learned a lot during this competition. "My group and I had a great time, and I learned how to use money wisely," said Nya. 

In addition to investing, students learned about saving, budgeting, mobile banking, and much more. Students are looking forward to applying what they learned from this project to their life now and in the future. "I plan on taking these lessons with me throughout my life, and I'm already doing it by opening a savings account," said Remy, a CBMS 8th-grader.